About EndLayer

EndLayer is the Future of Managed Hosting.

Founded in April 2013 and backed by 40 years of combined industry experience, EndLayer is the next generation of IT solutions, and the gold standard of support, service and technology. When other hosting companies are sleeping, we’re working. When you need us, we’re here. We offer secure, scalable cloud & bare metal hosting solutions for clients worldwide, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.

We provide state of the art fully-managed services that scale with your growing business; including 24/7/365 support, all based on a secure, fully meshed SoftLayer network. Our backbone and fiber providers include Level3, Comcast, NTT, Time Warner, Equinix and other top Tier-1 providers.

Powering the Future. Performance. Reliability. ROI.

We take speed seriously. Other companies compromise on speed and security, but we have our priorities straight. We’re all about performance.

EndLayer's SPC (Shared Performance Cloud) plan is completely scalable and reliable – two of the key requirements for a smaller e-commerce platform. When your website experiences sudden traffic spikes, peak times or drop-offs, our cloud technology allows your Magento site to scale with you. Flexible hosting means less overhead, and more revenue.

EndLayer's SPM (Shared Performance Metal) plans are our higher-performance answer to the “VPS” (Virtual Private Server). Our Performance Metal plans are powered by bare metal servers, and include exclusive access to all server resources (local high-speed disk space, etc.) Shared performance metal takes e-commerce to the next level.

Our in-depth knowledge of website design & development, e-mail, and e-commerce requirements gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. From local businesses to large enterprises – we’ve got you covered with the experience to make IT happen.

We want your company to grow and we want to be along for the ride.


June 30th, 2014

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