Management Team

Here's a little bit about our management team and where we came from.

Kevin Resendes
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Kevin is a technology leader with 15+ years of world-class IT solutions experience. In addition to creating and managing new server environments, Kevin is directly responsible for the planning & execution of security plans that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our clients data and servers.

A programmer at heart, Kevin often spends his free time enhancing EndLayer's proprietary LayerMonitor™ platform. From operations to network planning and execution, his variety of talents makes him an invaluable asset to our organization.


Michael Farin
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Michael is a visionary and goal-oriented Senior IT Executive (and serial entrepreneur) with 10+ years of demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing cutting edge information solutions to address business opportunities.

Having grown many successful businesses from the ground up, he is a natural fit for a company that caters to the growth and performance of your online business.


Justin Basch
Co-Founder & Partner / VP Client Management

Justin eats, sleeps, and breathes the web.

As an active participant of our senior management team, Justin develops and executes operational strategies that promote organizational growth and optimal utilization of emerging technologies. He has extensive expertise in R&D, Product Development, Client Management & Quality Control.

Justin's natural ability to manage a variety of both new and on-going EndLayer projects & the speed at which he works makes him truly one of a kind.


Istvan Petres (Julius)
Lead Information Security Analyst

Julius is a professional programmer with more than 10+ years of experience and even more programming languages under his belt.

He is EndLayer's Lead Information Security Analyst & directly in charge of coordinating all penetration testing, network surveillance and web forensics operations for our clients.

Julius is a world-class engineer who welcomes new challenges and enjoys safeguarding our clients against the latest threats and security vulnerabilities.


David Farin
Director of Sales

David is a self-motivating leader with 10+ years of successful sales experience, consistently meeting or exceeding targets.

He has a proven ability to articulate distinct aspects of products and services and position them against competitors; with excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills.

His natural ability to make our clients smile through his joyful energy and cheerful spirit allows him to create new EndLayer "Raving Fans" with each client interaction. David is the true definition of loving life and living it to the fullest!


Faisal Nasim
IT Team-Lead

Faisal is the newest addition to our IT management team and is a programming & IT infrastructure natural. He is a recent graduate of the National University of Sciences and Technology holding a Bachelors in Information Technology. Faisal has advanced technical abilities including PHP & MySQL database development, Javascript/Ajax, .NET and Java among many other server-side skill sets which makes him extremely well-rounded.

In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, researching the latest technologies, and exploring new and innovative opportunities for our company. We are happy to have him on board, and we are sure you will be too!


June 30th, 2014

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