Our engineer’s experience in various IT fields allows us to be more than just your typical web hosting provider. EndLayer is proud to be your IT partner and to help grow your business by offering consulting services outside of the web hosting field. We actively assist companies in almost every market – including non-profits, retail, professional services, healthcare, insurance, and beyond.

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    Network Consulting

    Who better to help design and manage your own network than a world-class web hosting company that guarantees high performance and 100% uptime to each and every one of their clients? We’ve helped businesses small and large design, implement and manage their networks – instilling the same core values we offer in our own.

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    Managed Network Security

    We all face security threats on a daily basis – and more often than not it can go unnoticed and undetected. Our security teams routinely perform penetration and vulnerability testing that can identify weaknesses in your systems and networks. We then work to implement patches to fix those security holes before an attacker realizes there’s an “in.” EndLayer’s security specialists take a proactive approach to network security to ensure we’re always one step ahead of the bad guys. Don’t wait until there's a problem you can see - because there are likely already problems you can't.

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    IT Project Services

    IT challenges can be daunting, especially for small businesses with limited resources. EndLayer to the rescue! Our team can assist with any or all phases of your next IT project. Whether you need a little boost or your entire project managed from start to finish, EndLayer is equipped with the right people on the ground with the knowledge, dedication and passion you need to reach your IT goals. Common projects include: e-mail system migrations, IP camera installations, office moves and relocations, wifi network design and setup and much more.


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