EndLayer (AS393965) operates our own ultra-low latency, blended IP network out of our Massachusetts data center. Through our extremely optimized transit and peering arrangements, EndLayer is able to hit every major Tier 1 ISP and major eyeball networks (ex: Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner) within 2ms.

What’s that all mean to you? It means speed. By eliminating speed-hogging remote hub connections, abnormal routing, and unnecessary hops (through the use of route optimization and taking advantage of our peering relationships), we’re able to get your content to your customers faster and more efficiently. Every second your customers have to wait to see your content is a potential second that they will hit that red X and go elsewhere. EndLayer’s network is built to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Just a 1 second delay in page load can cause a 7% loss in customer conversions.
According to an Aberdeen Group study. It can also cause:
  • A 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views
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Best-In-Class Network Infrastructure

It’s no secret... To deliver the best service, we have to not only be on our game as network engineers, but we have to ensure our vendors and equipment are both up to the task as well. EndLayer utilizes Juniper enterprise-class networking equipment to power our high-performance IP network. By constantly ensuring we have absolutely no bottlenecks, we’re able to deliver content over the internet where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. You just can’t do that with mid-grade equipment – so you won’t find that here.

We’re not fans of cookie-cutter solutions, so we’re constantly evolving and improving our network on a daily basis. Our engineers constantly stay on top of the latest performance and security trends – including anti-DDOS technologies and route optimization techniques – all to contribute to our common goal – to shave precious seconds off your website’s load time and keep your and your client’s data secure.

  • 800 Gbps


  • 5

    tier-1 isp’s

  • over 110000


  • ipv4


  • 3


    public • private • oob
  • 220 Gbps INTERNET capacity
  • 8 upstream tier-1 isp’s
  • over 110000 peering routes
  • ipv4 / ipv6 dual-stack networking
  • 3 networks public • private • oob

Just give it to me straight...

What’s everything on this page mean to a business owner?

It means we’re passionate about the performance and security of your data on our network. With EndLayer, you don’t have a cookie-cutter web host. You have a committed, forward-looking partner that thrives on your growth. We love what we do, and we’re confident we’ve built a best-in-class network infrastructure to give your business what it needs to succeed. After all, your growth means our growth and we’re always excited for new challenges and the chance to grow together.


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