EndLayer’s hosting solutions are designed from the ground up to provide the best of all worlds – performance, security, reliability and scalability. Sometimes, the nature of your business just demands more. The premium services described below are designed to work flawlessly and seamlessly with your new or existing EndLayer hosting environment, and every solution is backed by our raving fan support team.

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    Enterprise DNS

    EndLayer’s managed DNS service is globally deployed on top of both an Anycast and traditional IP network. This means ultra-low latency DNS resolution for your visitors worldwide – just another way that EndLayer is able to shave precious seconds off your website’s load time. Best of all, this service is included standard for every client.

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    STARTING AT $250/month

    Load Balancing

    EndLayer has designed and deployed custom load balancing solutions both small and large. From temporary solutions to handle small events, permanent solutions to ensure a true 100% uptime, all the way to solutions that handle extreme traffic influxes for clients appearing on primetime TV such as ABC’s Shark Tank, Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight. Regardless of the source of traffic, we can tailor a custom environment to handle any load without downtime or sacrificing your site’s performance.

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    STARTING AT $100/month

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Clients who conduct business globally can greatly benefit from the utilization of a content delivery network. EndLayer’s CDN solution serves static content out of servers geographically close to your visitors which means faster page load times and happier customers. As part of our fully managed CDN service, EndLayer engineers provide much-needed guidance and works with you or your development team to implement your CDN to ensure optimal performance for your visitors.

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    STARTING AT $250/month

    Advanced Security & DDOS Protection

    Every business is different and endures its own challenges with regards to security. EndLayer to the rescue! Whether you need to ensure PCI or HIPPA compliance or protect your website from attackers trying to take you down or steal your data, EndLayer has solutions available to mitigate all types of threats to your business. Our advanced security team deploys hardware-based firewalls, performs ongoing security audits, implements DDoS mitigation technologies and much more.

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    STARTING AT $150/month

    Disaster Recovery

    Whether it’s a natural disaster or an employee who just accidentally deleted your entire database, EndLayer can help thwart severe damage to your business. Every minute your business is down not only costs you money, but damages your reputation. Our disaster recovery solutions range from offering continuous, off-site data backups to having entire replicated environments available to take over in an instant in the event of a disaster. Don’t let outside (and sometimes uncontrollable) factors hurt your business or your customers.


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