GoMamma is giving me free email! What can go wrong?

Published October 12th, 2016 by Michael Farin

The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent… or guilty... :P We're sure you’ll figure it out, though.

The team here at EndLayer sees this almost every day. “Help! My email isn’t working and I need to get a proposal out.” It’s become an all too common occurrence to see people having problems with free or cheap email hosting providers like GoMamma. We’re here to tell you that providers that offer free or cheap e-mail - suck. Plain and simple. We see it first-hand every single day, and it’s really kind of sad.

Think about this for a second. What’s the provider care if your e-mail goes down if they make between diddly squat and 25 cents a month by offering it to you? It’s not hurting them much, aside from a bad reputation which they likely had to begin with anyway. Plus, more often than not, they’re only giving you free e-mail because it's become the norm and they have to do it to compete - not because what they are offering is of any quality. Such as everything in life - you get what you pay for - and email hosting is certainly no exception.

We’ve seen free and low end email providers crash, close up shop out of the blue, delay messages sometimes days or weeks, run out of space on their servers and have software bugs that bring down their webmail apps. We’ve even seen a few crash without backups with nothing more than a “sorry we lost 4 years of your life’s emails”. Can you really afford to have that happen? Pretend it happens once every other year, even. Are you OK with that? As a company that does 99% of our business online, we’re certainly not.

We can’t stress enough the importance of good email. Now, I know I’m probably speaking for most of my generation in that we HATE the phone. We’d rather text or e-mail. But, I know that having no phone line for a business is absolute corporate suicide. Most people will agree with me that e-mail is just as important as a phone line. Would you unplug your phone once a year for an hour, just cause? Think of the orders you’ll lose, the customers that WILL go somewhere else to get what they need, and the damage that does to your future relationship with the customer that can’t get a hold of you. Scary.

Here’s our shameless plug (you knew it was coming, don’t be shocked). We started EndLayer to “fix” hosting. We needed to give our clients high performance, white-glove service. We let our clients focus on THEIR business and what they are best at - & we truly hate to see clients wasting their time dealing with stuff their host should be best at. The same applies to our own email service, InboxLayer. Hey, what else would we call it? We’ve setup a high performance, highly reliable e-mail infrastrcture to ensure your e-mail is always there and can always deliver (literally) for you. Sick of free or cheapo email slowing your business down? Check us out.

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