EndLayer Stands Strong Through Huge Q1 Exposure For Its' Clients

Published April 6th, 2015 by Michael Farin

EndLayer LLC, a full-service managed hosting and IT provider, announced a strong first quarter with a growing clientele.

BOSTON, MA, April 06, 2015 -- EndLayer LLC, a full-service managed hosting and IT provider, announced a strong first quarter with a growing clientele. This year, the company has provided successful hosting for a number of high-profile websites, with high-volume traffic from sources as diverse as Beyonce fans and the WWE Universe.

EndLayer started the year by launching a new, state-of-the-art data-center presence in Boston.

"We knew we were expecting an eventful quarter," said Justin Basch, Co-Founder of EndLayer. "The new data-center was designed to help us prepare for an influx of new traffic. But we didn't know how exciting things were really going to get."

In late January 2015, Beyonce announced her partnership with 22 Days Nutrition, one of EndLayer's long-term clients, as she teamed up with them to launch their new vegan delivery program. As the story went national - and viral - EndLayer load-balanced their servers to handle the increasing influx of traffic.
Despite two major waves of visitors, one from Beyonce's personal social media and one from national news outlets, 22 Days Nutrition remained up and running without a single moment of downtime, allowing the site to continue taking orders as the traffic increased.

In March, EndLayer continued to stand behind its promises, successfully keeping Man-Pack.com online after the site appeared on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, causing a massive 10,000 concurrent viewer spike in an extremely short period of time.

The company offers a wide variety of shared and dedicated hosting plans, with 4x daily backups and 24/7 monitoring and tech support. "We have to be prepared for anything," Basch explains.

Most recently, EndLayer successfully kept ProWrestling.com online during WWE WrestleMania, one of the biggest media and television events of the year. Though visitors from over 140 countries flocked to the site for news, rumors, updates and event coverage, ProWrestling.com saw no downtime. After WrestleMania, EndLayer was able to scale the servers back down for minimal increased costs.

EndLayer has continued to expand each quarter since its launch in 2013, connecting with new clients and higher-profile websites.

"We're looking forward to the future," says Basch. "Now it's time to see what Q2 brings. Whatever it may be, after having the Bey-hive, the WWE universe, and Shark Tank fans worldwide test our capacity, EndLayer is poised and ready for whatever is yet to come."

Founded in 2013, EndLayer.com specializes in high performance website hosting websites. Backed by world-class IT professionals with 40+ years of combined industry experience, EndLayer offers some of the fastest performance hosting solutions in the world. EndLayer's focus is not to try and undercut a competitor's price to win your business. EndLayer is different. By utilizing their in-depth knowledge of websites, e-mail, and e-commerce requirements, EndLayer is able to customize and optimize the best hosting environment for your business. From small to large - local businesses to Fortune 500 - EndLayer has the experience to make IT happen.

For more information about EndLayer's Performance Hosting offering, visit http://www.EndLayer.com. To contact EndLayer.com directly, call 1-855-363-5293 or e-mail fans@endlayer.com

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