Data Center Proximity is Nothing to Worry About

Published February 24th, 2014 by Michael Farin

The world is connected in ways that it has never been before. Technology allows data to travel at lightning speeds, crossing the globe in mere seconds. It is hard to fathom, but high- speed connections that are 100 times faster than what is currently available are in the near future. With this type of innovation, the importance of being physically located near your data center has diminished, and it is now possible to experience exceptional service from a data center located any place in the world.

Despite this fact, many businesses and individuals, who are jokingly referred to as “server huggers”, feel more secure if their data center is within close proximity. These feelings stem from the thought that if there is a major problem, they can dispatch a team to the data center to fix the problems as quickly as possible. As technology and connection speeds continue to improve, many are letting go of these outdated ideas, and are beginning to realize that data center proximity is of very little importance.

There are several reasons why the location of a managed service or colocation provider’s data center is nothing to worry about, including:

Full Remote Access - Being physically removed from your data center does not mean that you cannot easily access your data. Clients are offered full remote access, protected with a user name and password, giving them the ability the access their data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Data centers have expert support on-site - When a business focuses on finding a data center that is close to them, it is usually because they are worried by the threat of downtime. They believe that in the case of an emergency they would be able to have their IT team visit the data center and quickly rectify the problem. In reality, a good provider employs their own team of experts, who are on-call 24/7 to quickly resolve any negative situations. In addition to the data center management team, EndLayer’s team of dedicated engineers monitors all of our cloud hosting environments 24/7/365.

Increased redundancy - In the case of a natural disaster or related event, it is possible that your business could lose power for days at a time. But if your data center is located in a different region, your website will remain running as usual, even while your office is not. Many hosting providers have access to several data centers, allowing your data to be replicated in a number of geographic areas, which offers further protection from the threat of a disaster. EndLayer has partnered with Softlayer to provide our clients with access to a worldwide data center. Read more about The EndLayer Network here:

Reduced latency – With today’s connection speeds and fiber infrastructure, the latency is almost so small that it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of users. Future advancements in connection speeds and fiber infrastructure will further reduce latency.

There are many things to think about when choosing a managed service provider, but proximity is not one of them. Location should be the least of your worries- instead, focus on selecting a provider that offers the highest security measures, expertise, support, and has a good reputation in the industry. See also: Advice For Finding a Quality Hosting Provider

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