Getting The Most Bang for Your Buck with Magento Optimization

Published June 10th, 2014 by Michael Farin

Sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

When you implement Magento, you’re getting one of the world’s top e-commerce platforms: complete with a high-performance shopping cart system and comprehensive analytics. You’re also getting a complex, resource-intensive application that can be very hard to handle.

You might think that a Magento platform will solve all your problems. You’d be wrong.

Without the right hosting environment and support, Magento loads slowly, performs poorly and provides a sub-par customer experience. (Obviously, not an outcome you want.) A Magento platform is not a guarantee of success – it’s just the first step in the right direction.

In order to optimize the potential of your Magento store, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the right type of hosting provider: a company with a proven e-commerce track record, including service, support and management for Magento-based websites. Every website needs an experienced hosting provider, but Magento hosting is especially critical. Without the right type of optimization, an e-commerce store can go straight down the toilet. (In terms of ROI, that is.)

Optimized Magento hosting = more efficient e-commerce = happier customers = more revenue. That’s basically the way it works.

You wouldn’t want to mess with a formula that works.

The many layers of Magento optimization

Managing a multi-leveled platform like Magento is no easy task. You’ll have to devote a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to the platform’s core features: marketing, merchandising, administrative, data analysis and more. We guarantee you: you’re not going to have time to properly manage the server – including the complex Linux/Apache/MySQL/ PHP software stack – as well.

For many online business owners, it makes the most sense to focus on what they do best: marketing their products or services. (Who would have thought?) Magento optimization, server management, in-depth monitoring and security should be delegated to a reputable hosting provider. When you outsource specialized tasks, you’re able to concentrate on running your business without distractions.

A good Magento hosting company handles your entire back-end infrastructure, including comprehensive security, monitoring network bandwidth and connectivity, and supervising all server hardware and software. When a competent hosting provider is dealing with your backend, you don’t have to worry about IT, support or security issues. You have optimization built right into your infrastructure.

And that gives you a lot more bang for your buck.

More optimization, more ROI

There’s a direct correlation between how well your website performs and how much revenue it brings in. Slow load times, security breaches and performance issues lead to less traffic and lower conversion rates. You definitely don’t want that. Here’s what you do want: An optimized Magento site that runs fast, loads flawlessly and maximizes your ROI.

And in order to reach that goal, you need top-notch e-commerce hosting. There’s no way around it.

Get more bang for your buck. Make sure you’ve contracted with a hosting provider that can properly optimize your Magento site. It will be worth it.

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