Great Reasons to Invest in Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Published May 22nd, 2014 by Michael Farin

The idea of “the cloud” can be scary. Lots of times, we have a knee-jerk negative reaction: “The cloud isn’t secure!” “The cloud will destroy my data!” Maybe you’ve been reluctant to get your “head in the clouds” – and that’s understandable.

But you don’t have to feel that way any more.

Fortunately, cloud storage has come a long way since its early days. With the advent of fully managed cloud hosting, many of the concerns surrounding the public cloud are no longer an issue. Managed cloud hosting allows businesses to store their data in a private, secure cloud, giving them the flexibility of cloud technology along with comprehensive monitoring and encryption. It’s the cloud, re-imagined for a new era.

Fully managed cloud hosting is a perfect way for any business – large or small – to take advantage of cloud data storage. Flexibility plus security equals success for a growing infrastructure. And we could all use a little more success.

So why do businesses love the cloud? Here are three reasons why managed cloud hosting is a great investment.

#1: Top decision-makers prefer private clouds.

According to a recent ZDNet report, 50% of executives at top U.S. enterprises think private cloud hosting is the way to go. What do these CEOs and CIOs love about the managed cloud? Better security features and greater ability to meet customer demands, for starters. You don’t find these perks with public or hybrid clouds, and many executives understand that fully-managed cloud hosting is a better option.

#2: Private cloud hosting offers top-notch security.

Public and hybrid clouds can be vulnerable to a variety of security threats – that’s one reason many businesses are wary about cloud storage. But a private, fully-managed cloud offers incredibly strong protection against malware, DDos attacks, unauthorized web scraping and other intrusion attempts. A good managed hosting provider will monitor and troubleshoot 24/7, offering constant tech support and service for cloud users. (Extensive firewalls, encryption and data backup are also part of the package.) When store data in a private, managed cloud, you’re never alone – and we mean that in a good way.

#3: With a managed cloud, you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Public cloud hosting can be full of hidden costs. Sure, the public cloud may be “free,” but in the end your total cost of operation (TCO) will include a lot of system administration man-hours, either in-house or contract. And if a public cloud is hacked, you’re faced with a whole set of extra expenses and headaches.

Fully-managed, private cloud hosting is a refreshing change – there are no surprises. Beyond the set monthly fee, you don’t have to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses or hire additional IT manpower for troubleshooting. Predictability and manageable costs, as well as flexibility and great security? Yes please.

If you’re looking to balance client satisfaction and mission-critical application development, managed cloud hosting is the way to go. The private cloud is a great choice – for all kinds of reasons.

Don’t panic. The cloud’s not so scary any more.

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