Help Us Help You: Enhancing Customer Service with Magento Help Desk Extensions

Published May 2nd, 2016 by Michael Farin

If you have an e-commerce store, you face a whole extra set of challenges finding and keeping customers. Your entire customer service experience takes place online, and if site visitors don’t like what they see, they’ll click away and go elsewhere. Hear that whooshing sound? That’s dollar bills blowing away in the wind.

High-quality customer service directly impacts your bottom line. Did you know:

  1. 96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain. They just vote with their feet – 91% of those customers go away and never come back.
  2. In order to make up for one negative experience, it takes 12 positive experiences at the same store.
  3. 85% of customers are willing to pay an additional 25% for a streamlined, positive customer experience.
  4. Online customers are usually willing to put up with a few snafus in pricing or merchandise, but poor customer service is a dealbreaker: Customers are 4 times more likely to take their business elsewhere if they experience service issues.
  5. Bad shopping experiences are the gift that keeps on giving. Unhappy customers share their dissatisfaction with 9 to 15 people. If they’re really unhappy, they may tell 20 or more friends about their terrible experience. (That adds up pretty quickly.)

Clearly, you can’t afford to cut corners on customer service. But how do you create the most streamlined Magento experience possible – one that will keep your clients coming back, and sharing good things about you? Three words: Magento helpdesk extensions.

Magento helpdesk extensions allow you to connect to clients and track their purchases and requests via tickets, organizing their information for instant access. Here are a couple of good helpdesk modules you may be interested in installing:

Help Desk Ultimate, from Aheadworks. This extension is constantly updated to be compatible with the latest versions of Magento. It includes the ability to submit tickets through different mediums (email, chat, Magento contact form), and features easy-to-manage response templates.

What your customers get:

  • Ability to create tickets without being logged in.
  • Fast, accurate replies.
  • Ability to track all their communication with you.

Help Desk MX, from Mirasvit. This is a newer extension, developed in 2013. It offers some unique capabilities, including the ability to create custom fields for tickets, conduct surveys and create graphic-style reports. Help Desk MX is designed to be extremely modern and user-friendly – for both your customers and for you. It’s also considerably less expensive than some competitors.

In addition, Help Desk MX is fully integrated with Magento, 100% open source, and easy to launch and upgrade.

What your customers get:

  • Easy-to-track communications history.
  • Ability to attach files to email responses.
  • Ability to communicate with you via their personal email account.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – allows them to rate their experience.

Magento extensions can help build out your platform to create a much more positive experience for clients. When they need to tell you something, or express concerns or suggestions about their shopping experience, you need to get the message! Make it easy for them. They’ll thank you in $$$.

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