The Internet of Things! What Is IoT, And How Can Cloud Hosting Make It Better?

Published June 5th, 2014 by Michael Farin

So... the Internet of Things. Yeah. About that.

In case you missed the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, the IoT is the latest technological hot topic: remote-control and data-capturing software housed in physical electronic tools. It’s a marriage of hardware and software that brings intelligence and analytics to all types of tools and devices. Healthcare, insurance, manufacturing – these are just a few of the sectors most likely to benefit from the Internet of Things.

Companies getting ready to jump on the IoT bandwagon should make sure they have the infrastructure needed to support this new development. If you’re going to deploy the Internet of Things, you’re going to need a good support system: serious IT capabilities and a dedicated technical staff. You’ll also need the cloud, because cloud technology is going to be the backbone of the IoT in enterprise environments.

And in order to support the cloud, you’ll need quality cloud server hosting. More about that in a minute.

Cross-platform power

Cloud and mobile technology are merging rapidly, and the Internet of Things is clearly the next step. The cloud enables a cross-platform, multi-level user experience that drives business and consumer investment. And it provides a convenient way to store and sync mobile apps.

The more new apps we develop and devices we connect to the cloud, the more complex the cloud becomes. The new devices in the Internet of Things will probably function more like mobile apps than like PCs (relatively limited in terms of processing power and storage). Of course, this means that the cloud infrastructure itself needs to be strong and flexible.

The right type of cloud server hosting should take the worry out of the cloud – ensuring that companies and individuals have enough storage, bandwidth and syncing capabilities for the new requirements of the IoT. Cloud hosting creates the perfect environment for the development of new programs and apps – from management and maintenance through cross-platform connectivity.

Beefing up the backend

Cloud platforms and IoT applications rely on many of the same infrastructure pieces, particularly in information analysis and database storage. The Internet of Things itself builds on two main pillars: operating system management and application development. Cloud hosting makes both of these processes much simpler.

It’s all connected. So it’s important that everything works correctly.

A good managed hosting company will make sure that all the many layers of cloud hosting work together to manage the increased demand fueled by IoT. The Internet of Things depends on real-time performance for success, so quality cloud hosting is vital. Performance, security, tech support – it’s a delicate balancing act. As we move into the future of IoT, cloud hosting is going to be at the forefront. You can bet on it.

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